Does anyone have ideas for ride routes? Contact Paul


[SIC] T-shirts are here!!!!

Get yours at Augies Scooters or Contact Paul.



  1. Paul, is this our t-shirt Logo? Is one already in the making? My wife and I were looking at some designs for a club Logo, but if you guys have decided on this one then we will stop our research. I also like the 5 parish print with the scooter in it.

  2. Put me down for one of these t’s!–Lorenzo

  3. Love it, Paul! You and Angela are a 1st class team, we’re glad to be on-board with you. I know Charles & I will definitely want these. – Linda

  4. get your great big sis a great big t! bucks to come in the mail when you say how much.

  5. Colorado western slope diligently advertising SIC by wearing shirts!! Luv ’em!!

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  8. Lets go to ride the Tail off the Dragon

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