Posted by: scootswla | 23May'10

Scooter Haulin’ Machine

I Wish I could say I was hard core and never trucked/trailered my scooter, but lets be realistic. Honda Element seems to be made to haul a large frame Vespa. Amerivespa here I come.

Posted by: scootswla | 18May'10

Whats wrong this time?!

Black Pac-man? Unfortunately no. This is what was left of my clutch side seal. Read More…

Posted by: scootswla | 30April'10

Festival International de Louisiane

Since Larry and Ed were still on their return trip from the Texas cannonball Lawrence, Charles and I scooted to Lafayette for the Festival International de Louisiane . Read More…

Posted by: scootswla | 06April'10

Rally Report: BEW3 (part 2)

This is the second part, if you haven’t read the first part look below. Read More…

Posted by: scootswla | 30March'10

Rally Report: Big Easy Weekender (part 1)

I don’t want to tell all of you who missed BEW3 that it was the best rally ever, and that now you’ll probably live the rest of your life unfulfilled, but in the interest of total scooter rally disclosure, I think I have to.
Read More…

Posted by: Larry | 16March'10

Louisiana Motorcycle Training Course

I recently attended a basic motorcycle training course at Sowela Tech, which was sponsered by the Louisiana Dept. of Public Safety. The class began on Saturday and ended on Sunday afternoon. I would recomend it to anyone wanting to sharpen up their riding skills. The mornings were classroom discussions and text book reviews. The afternoons were used to practice riding on an abondand parking area in the rear of the building. Cones were set out in different configurations, allowing us to practice braking, 90 degree turns, U-turns, S-curves, swerves, weaves, and riding over obstacles. On Sunday afternoon, the instructor graded us on all of the maneuvers.

The cost of the course is $25 if you use your own scooter or motorcycle (550 cc and below) or $100 if they provide you with one of their motorcycles (honda 250). Upon a sucessful completion, you get a certificate that can be used to apply for your motorcycle endorcement. In my opinion, the training is well worth the time spent and course fee, even for the experienced rider who might want to sharpen up on their riding skills.

For more information, go to or call 225-925-6113, ext 224.

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