I got my first scooter in February or March of 2007 and soon had a bad case of scooteritis. A year later I have three scooters, subscribe to two scooter magazines, attended a scooter rally, joined a scooter club (SCGT), spent countless hours on scooter websites and annoyed my loving wife with a growing collection of scooter parts and never ending projects.

Chapter 2

By February 2009 I had met and rode with several scooterist in the lake area but there was no scooter club here. Rather than wait for someone to form a club, I decided that I was someone. Thus was born [SIC] Scooters of Imperial Calcasieu.



  1. Hey Paul! We have enjoyed reading the blog. I need to be careful though not to let Phoebe spend too much time reading about scooters because I think she has the scooter bug as well; or at the very least she thinks they are really cute.

  2. Glad to see you visited my scooter blog. Sorry, I don’t know anything about Cruzzers. That is a beautiful area to ride in though.

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