Posted by: scootswla | 02November'10

Shop Day 30 Oct 10

Saturday, October 30, [SIC] and SCGT came together for a shop day at the Hauser compound.  Fellowship, the exchange of knowledge, new riding experiences,  and even a little actual  work was accomplished.Stephen’s P200 project has come along nicely and is nearly unrecognizable as the bike that left this very shop less than a year ago. We scratched our collective heads over a nagging lighting problem. While we didn’t quite solve everything, we think we’re a little closer.

Ed re-engineered his side stand and supervised all other projects.

Charles and David worked on Charles’s Transmission, installing a new variator and clutch.

And David took his first spin on a P series Vespa, he’s restoring one himself but hasn’t gotten far enough to crank it up yet. Last but not least various Dr.Pulley sliding roller weight combinations were tried out in my People 150.

While most of us didn’t take a long ride (Ed and L rode to the shop, but everyone else trucked it) we did take several short blasts up and down the test strip. Working on scooters is a big part of this hobby for a lot of us, more wrenching than riding for some of us. It’s always fun to get together with your scooter buddies, whether for a epic journey, a blast around town or even just a shop day.


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