Posted by: scootswla | 15November'09

Exploratory Surgery: part 2


The postman delivered my new set of flywheel pullers and I got started tearing things apart.  I’m glad I ordered a whole set of flywheel pullers because I never would have guessed the proper size (27x1mm Left hand threads). Having the proper tool makes it a cinch to remove the flywheel revealing the stator.StatorTwo bolts hold the stator and two bolts hold the pick-up while another two bolts hold a plate to hold the wires in place. Remove all these and the electrics slide right out.nostator

Remove the case bolts and tap the case apart. Keep in mind that some of the case bolts are longer than others, if you note where they go it will go back together easier. At this stage you will only take away the first part of the case, not all the way to the crank.starterSo what are we looking at now? The top gear is the starter idler gear, the big gear is the starter clutch gear. It allows the starter to turn over the engine but not the engine spin the starter. Under the cover in the lower right is a sprocket, driven by a chain from the crankshaft, that drives the oil pump. Remove the nut on the crankshaft (Left Hand Threads) remove all the gears and two bolts near the oil pump chain and the second part of the case can be taken apart.crankNow we can see the crank. I didn’t see any damage to the crank, connecting rod, or bearings, but I did pull out quite a bit of chewed up piston pieces.handThe good news is that all the metal seemed to be aluminum (piston) not steel (crank, gears, bearings) or brass. I cleaned the shrapnel out and reassembled the cases. I think this was a worthwhile endeavor, now I know the condition of the crank and bearings as well as removing all the piston confetti. Next will be to select and install a new top end.



  1. The surgery went fine, I could almost tell. What a fine job! What’s next, a large BBK?


  2. Paul, that was very interesting. Thanks for taking the time for the pic and explaining. Hope you can get it back together soon.

  3. it seems over all, things could be worse… the broken piston could have taken out other things. cool write up.

  4. Paul…very interesting. Have you decided on a top end yet? When do you estimate your scoot being back in service?

  5. BTW…..Was sorry to hear about it blowing up. Ray and I must of branched off from the group about the time it happened. Jim…Bergman650ex

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